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Letter from Rev. Connelly

Hello One Fellowship Family,

I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve you! I have some rather large shoes to fill, as your current pastor, Rev. Bryan Dalco is one of my favorite people and is quite an inspiration to me! I have somewhat of a varied background, in terms of ministry and vocation. Before my current position, as senior pastor of Community of Hope UMC, I served as part-time pastor of the English ministry in a Korean Church. I loved every moment of my time there! Simultaneously, I was a full-time first grade teacher. Likewise, I loved teaching my “little people.” Being a “military brat,” I know no strangers, based on color, culture, language or creed. I am currently serving as senior pastor of a predominately Caucasian congregation. You may know what I am about to say…yes, I love serving them too!

I am a bit of a bookworm and avid reader. My congregation teases me about how many books I have in my office. I consider myself a lifelong learner. The highlight of my week is the studying I do in sermon and Bible study group preparation. I am equally thrilled by preaching and teaching out of my theological studies. I can’t wait to sit at the feet of Dr. Werse. I am totally interested in Jewish culture and Hebrew studies!

I am an APC certified hospital chaplain, so pastoral care is near and dear to my heart. I have a particular “soft spot” for home-centered members and those who are ill. Having been a full-time chaplain, I know the “valley of the shadow of death” well and will walk closely with members and families on that journey.

I have two amazing adult children. My oldest (Joshua), is a professional musician. My youngest, a daughter named Cherish, is a Harvard graduate and PHD student at the University of Austin. I am the ecstatically proud grandmother of Josiah (Josh’s son), who is not quite two. Both of my children and their spouses have beautiful voices. Hopefully, I can get them to come sing for us sometime.

In Louisiana, my congregations knew I came to them with the ability to jump start the ministries of liturgical dance and drama, for both, children and adults. I was privileged to participate in a conference wide workshop and aided pastors and lay members in the implementation of these ministries. With God’s help, I was able to build a youth group from ground zero (no youth group at all) to a thriving youth ministry with dance, mime, and drama teams. Although I am no longer a “spring chicken,” I am not quite ready to hang up my dancing shoes yet. Let’s see what we can do together! Although leaving Community of Hope is difficult, as I know leaving you is for Rev. Dalco, God has a plan; and I am excited to see how His plan unfolds! Blessings!




Rev. Beverly Connelly (Rev. Bev.)

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